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About Fibreworks - fibreglass fabricators

Fibreworks is an Oakura, Taranaki, New Zealand based manufacturer of fibreglass products, working closely with architects and other designers to meet their custom fibreglass requirements. We are experts in customised fibreglass fabrication and fibreglass manufacturing.

David (Biggie) Smithers is an experienced fibreglass fabricator who delivers outstanding results, from fibreglass repairs through to complex custom fibreglass solutions for the building and architectural industries.  David has worked in fibreglass for four decades, starting out in surfboard manufacture and moving into windsurfers for export with his Sirocco Windsurfer business.  He developed what is now global industry standard for sandwich lightweight construction windsurfer boards.  Currently, customised surfboards, Malibus and kite boards are manufactured under his Sirocco label.

The progression into a wider range of custom fibreglass products has arisen in local architects seeking a high level of fibreglass manufacturing expertise along with problem solving skills to deliver a product with unique finish and form.  The results have been extraordinary and the reputation has grown from there.  This level of expertise is not easily replicated.  Fibreworks understands well, the specifications of all of the raw products it works with and what is possible, providing high quality technical advice and product delivery.