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Architectural Fibreglass

Fibreglass in building and architecture

Fibreglass building is full of possibilities.  Using fibreglass provides enormous versatility for unusual and seamless shapes and curves.  Forms can be made in a single piece so there are no joins, meaning leaks and movement are not issues.

Fibreglass architecture is formulated to meet stringent demands such as structural strength, chemical resistance and fire retardant specifications.  It is an excellent option for use in an environment that is exposed to corrosion from chemicals, such as chlorine in heated swimming pools.  A port hole required in an aquatic centre has a fibreglass lighting solution that does not rust.  Fibreglass stairs will work where concrete does not, is another idea.  Fibreglass insulation rating is not high but this is resolved where required, by creating a ‘double skin’ for areas such as windows.

The colours for architectural fibreglass are extensive and create translucent or opaque finishes.  Tints are used where light is required.  Texture is an integral part of fibreglass and further moulding or addition of texture is possible, as is smoothness.