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Fibreglass design and possibilities

Fibreglass design has surfaced in recent years in civic, commercial and residential interior and exterior products, where natural or integrated lighting is sought and where glass or other products do not provide the flexibility or wow factor.  There is an opportunity to specify custom fibreglass solutions where size, weight and form are challenges for many other materials. 

The possibilities are endless.  If you want to create a unique design or interpret an artistic concept, to meet the customer’s requirements, using fibreglass can provide exciting translucence, colour and a range of textures, working well with light - either natural or introduced. The form is able to be seamless, even with complexity of design, and can be as large or as small as you like.  Applications such as Maori carving or stencil cut outs mean every product is unique and creates a strong statement.  Fibreglass complements steel and concrete structures, if in place, providing accents or synergistic forms.  We have built everything: rangehoods, Maori carved pou (pole), moulded spheres, cones and circular window-like forms, are some examples.  These are in homes, conference and visitor’s centres, aquatic complexes, bridges, airports, and more.

Essentially, there are exciting possibilities in fibreglass design.  Feel free to ask.