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Fibreglass manufacturing - unique & highly customisable

We specialise in fibreglass manufacturing to deliver distinctive design forms.  Since fibreglass is a highly customisable product it is able to provide a unique approach to your design concept, delivering a range of finishes and effects.  The range can include opaque or translucent, with textured or smooth finishes that can also be coloured.  Panels and architectural forms can be lit from behind.  Our gallery has some examples.

The fibreglass manufacturing process for your design brief takes the following path:

  • Your design idea
  • Meeting if required, to discuss your concept, explore the possibilities and problem solve for unique form and finish
  • Provision of samples of materials, colours and textures (as required)
  • Finalisation of your brief and Fibreworks agreement to deliver to specification
  • Manufacture the product, deliver and install 

We draw on a significant and wide-ranging technical background to realise your design idea or solve an unusual construction challenge. In working closely with you, we retain the integrity of the design concept and we meet your requirements in the construction and cost parameters.